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Information for Pupils

Our school Careers Programme will help you to think about what you want to do in the future, what the options are and how you can get there.

The school will help you to make successful transitions to your next placement. 

School will also help you to learn important life skills which will mean you can access more when you grow up and be as independent as you possibly can be. 

We think about this being in two stages for all pupils - 'Future Me' and 'Independent Me'. This means you will have access to different activities, experiences, trips and advice and support depending on what you want to do. People will always be able to help you make decisions too. 

The information below will help to show you what Careers activities you will do, when you will do them and who can help you inside of school and outside of school. Developing a sense of local volunteering opportunities and what I can contribute.

Careers Programme 2022

WRL Curriculum

Employability Skills | Young People Job Skills| Life Skills (