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Student Transport – Information for Parents

We want your child to have the best possible transport service. If you would like to discuss or change something about your child’s transport you must contact Cornwall Council’s Transport Coordination Service who will do their best to help. Phone 0300 1234 222 to speak to a Transport Officer.

Please remember the transport drivers and operator cannot make any changes without our authorisation. Unless it is an emergency, do not ask the operator to alter the arrangements.

General information for all parents.

School transport times.

In general, we only provide transport to your home address for the start and the end of the school day.

Collection / drop-off arrangements

  • The Transport Coordination Service will send you a letter in the summer holidays confirming the name of the operator and contact details.
  • The transport operator will confirm collection and drop-off times in advance.
  • It is your responsibility to accompany your child to the school transport vehicle in the mornings and to receive them from the vehicle in the afternoons.
  • Other children may be sharing the transport with your child – the vehicle should not have to wait more than 5 minutes before continuing on the route to school.

The first day of new school transport arrangements.

We ask our operators to be as flexible as possible during the first days of a new school transport route. However, while collection and journey times are refined, your child may need to be ready a little earlier to allow the route to run effectively.

In the event your child is unwell and / or will not be attending school or if your child comes home from school early.

  • Outside of office hours: To avoid any wasted journeys or confusion, please phone your transport operator direct to cancel transport. You must also contact the Transport Coordination Service (TCS) as soon as possible.
  • During office hours: Phone the TCS direct on 0300 1234 222 to cancel transport.

In the event your child’s attendance patterns or session times change.

You must contact your transport officer to confirm any changes. We usually only provide transport at the start and end of the school day, but we may be able to help with your request.

In the event your child needs ‘one-off’ transport to a different address.

You must contact us in advance. We may be able to help with temporary transport to an alternative address. Do not ask the transport officer to change the route.

Long term change of address.

Moving addresses may change your child’s entitlement to transport. You must contact us to confirm that you are moving to a new address. Please give us as much warning as possible.

If your child’s transport has not arrived on time.

In most cases transport will still be provided. After waiting 15 minutes, please contact the operator and the Transport Coordination Service (TCS)

In the event of an unplanned school closure.

In severe weather conditions, or if you suspect that schools may be closing early, you should listen to BBC Radio Cornwall or Pirate Radio who will announce any closures. Pencalenick School will also attempt to contact you by texting your mobile phone.

Additional Information for parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

If your child uses a wheelchair during transport or if your child has a new wheelchair.

We must assess the wheelchair to make sure that your child can be transported safely. We will issue a ‘Wheelchair Passport’ which confirms that these safety checks have been made. Please contact us to arrange a free assessment.

If your child has special medical needs.

Whilst many of our school transport staff are trained they are not authorised to give any medication or treatment to your child.

If your child attends respite care.

Contact us to confirm the dates that your child uses respite care. We do not generally provide transport to respite centres, but we may be able to help.

Transport Coordination Service
Cornwall Council
Carrick House

Tel. 0300 1234 222